Phat Matt

Audra Blalock


Karina is a Texas native that loves bluegrass county and has a true passion for art ! She has been tattooing professionally now for 7 years and counting ! She specializes in Cover ups, Traditional, Black and Grey, Portraits, Realism, she is a all- around Master of all types of tattoos this is rare most artist master one type! You can contact Karina for a  free consultation here at the studio for info 817-277-5199

Matt has been the owner of The Chosen One since 2012 and has changed this studio like no other! His passion for art and his passion with body piercing has driven him in to a status like no other tattoo shop owner!! Matt loves to go fishing, plays drums, loves to go to concerts, and loves his Karina!! Matt has been a professional piercer for over 5 years now and counting he has starred in Voyage Magazine and is a over all bad ass if you like to schedule a appointment with Matt Please feel free to call the studio or e mail the shop web page!

​Audra is a Texas native that has been tattooing professionally for over 15 years now ! She has a true passion for the 80's and loves punk rock, she is one of the best artistic tattoo artist in the entire industry, she Masters in Traditional, Neo traditional, Black and Grey, Portraits, Color tattoos, etc, ! You can contact Audra here at the studio for a free consultation 817-277-5199